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        Welcome to Laiwu Shinny Nonwoven Products Co.,Ltd website.
        Today is 


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        Laiwu Shinny Nonwoven Products Co.,Ltd

        Contacts:Jia Guangqing
        Q Q:393563708
        Main business:Needling nonwoven paving materials, industrial non-woven fabrics, automotive interior, geotextile and synthetic leather Nonwovens
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        The core idea is sincere and Transcendence

        The management concept will integrate advanced science into the product in time to create the maximum value for the customers

        Market concept is to survive with product quality, develop by market reputation, adhere to credit and pay attention to service

        Management mode systematization operation, programmed control, standardized management, performance appraisal

        Brand management and brand strategy

        Values continue to meet the growing needs of individuals, businesses and society.

        Management concept management is the prerequisite and fundamental guarantee for the development of the enterprise

        The quality policy focuses on detail, based on innovation, continuous improvement and pursuit of perfection

        Corporate creed is sincere and conscientious

        The concept of talents is equal, harmonious, respectful and United. As long as an enterprise provides enough large platform, enough support and encouragement, human potential will exert endless and continuous surpass.

        Developing strategies are constantly learning, working, innovating and casting famous brands

        Competitive strategy quality, service, integrity

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