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        Welcome to Laiwu Shinny Nonwoven Products Co.,Ltd website.
        Today is 


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        Laiwu Shinny Nonwoven Products Co.,Ltd

        Contacts:Jia Guangqing
        Q Q:393563708
        Main business:Needling nonwoven paving materials, industrial non-woven fabrics, automotive interior, geotextile and synthetic leather Nonwovens
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                Laiwu Shinny Nonwoven Products Co.,Ltd located in High-tech zone Laiwu city Shandong  province, covers a land of 50 Mu. Factory have advantage of convenient  transport, such as nearby Laiwu east exit of Beijing-Shanghai  expressway, it takes 40 minutes to Jinan airport2 hours to Qingdao seaport by truck.        
                Our main products Non-Woven Needle Punch carpet & Nylonpolyester printed carpet have features:
                1) Materials: Polyester( PET) , Polypropylene fiber( PP)
                2) Surface: Plain, Ribbed, Velour surface, Velour Jacquard
            Backing: Latex. PVC, Crumb Rubber, GEL, TPR, foamed
                3) Weight: 200g/ m2-3000g/ m2
                4) Width: max.4.
                5) Length per roll: 20m-60m as per buyer' s requirement
                6) Thickness: 1mm-8mm custom required
                7) Packing: Rolls within PE film If required, patchesmattress cut as your samples
                8) Colors: many colors available( above 50 colors)
                9) Suitable for corridorsexhibitionsindooroutdoor decoration , meeting, jubilation, wedding use, automotive useetc.

                Our advantage is: QC= High quality competitive price. Selling  point: No-pilling, small color difference, quality stable, smoother when  lying around.
        We hope we can start business cooperation in the right time. We can try best to meet customer different request.

                Facility:four  needle punched nonwoven fabric production lines, also equipments for  velour styles, jacquard styles, rib styles, company produce mainly  needle punched nonwoven products such as flooring material, industrial  nonwoven fabric, automobile internal decoration, geosynthetics,  synthetics leather nonwovensson on, annual capacity reaches 150 million  of needle punched carpet 2000 tons of geosynthetics . 
                Company  have already got certificate of quality management system  ISO9001:2008our products passed the test of fire-retarding. 
        we will try our best to offer good products and service. Waiting for your arrival.


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